Risk Management


Marla Perez

Associate Risk Manager

Phone: 924-2159

Fax: 924-1892



Risk Management Responsibilities

We work to provide a safe and healthy environment for all members of the university community, protecting our people, property and financial resources by ensuring all programs are conducted in accordance with regulatory compliance requirements.

Risk Policies, Guidelines, & Best Practices

SJSU Risk Management strives to provide guidance on the latest methods of preventing and mitigating risks across campus and beyond. This process involves implementing, monitoring, and reviewing best and most practical risk mitigation techniques for the campus, along with communicating with our valued campus counterparts to make sure everyone is abreast of the most current issues, trends, and practices.

Our Services

  • Consult with the campus community on Risk Mitigation implementation strategies
  • Assist departments with Injury and Illness Prevention Program compliance
  • Evaluate and consult with faculty, staff, and students regarding the need for Special Event Insurance for campus functions
  • Procure International Travel Insurance for faculty and staff leaving the country on SJSU business or research
  • Work with the CSU Office of Risk Management and the Office of General Counsel to investigate and manage claims against the University
  • Defensive Driving and Driving on State Business requirements
  • Submit state Vehicle Accident Reports to Office of Risk and Insurance Management
  • Work with all departments on meeting insurance requirements for agreements and contracts
  • Assist Academic departments with Field Trips, Service Learning, Student Teaching and other off-campus activities
  • Coordinate Risk Management efforts with all Auxiliaries on campus