Driving on University Business

Before an employee drives a university vehicle including electric carts, or a privately owned vehicle on university business more than once per month, employees are required to take a defensive driving course once every four (4) years and adhere to the following:

University Vehicle Use

  • Faculty and Staff: Complete the Skillsport Defensive Driver Training online course. Requires a SJSUOne Account for Login.
  • Student Assistants; Graduate Assistants; Auxiliary Staff; and Volunteers: Complete the DGS Defensive Driver Training online course.
  • Complete an Application for University Vehicle Operation Authorization (PDF).
  • Obtain supervisor's permission to operate any vehicle on University business
  • Maintain a valid California State Drivers License (foreign licenses are not permitted). The Drivers License needs to be appropriate for the job and vehicle(s) to be operated, (i.e. class A, B, C).
  • Have and maintain a Good and Safe driving record. Risk & Compliance will review drivers Motor Vehicle Record from DMV. If a Class A, B, or Special Class C driver, you are responsible for providing (at your cost) an original DMV record to the employing department at time of interview.

Private/Personal Vehicle Use

Defensive Driving Resources

Defensive Driving Forms

Vehicle Accident Forms