International Travel

Foreign Travel Insurance is required for all faculty, staff, and students traveling outside the United States on university business. Foreign Travel Insurance provides accident & sickness (medical) coverage, general liability, excess auto liability, foreign workers’ compensation, and executive assistance (including legal assistance, embassy/consular contacts, and assistance in replacing lost documents). Students traveling on non-university business may participate in the program but are not required to do so.


  • Each traveler is required to visit the SJSU Travel Guide.
  • Each traveler will need to check to see if their destination country is on either the State Department’s or the CSU’s hazardous countries list. For the most current high hazard /travel warning information, please check the State Department website. 
  • For the High Hazardous Country List please visit the System Wide Risk Management’s website.
  • Additional information can be found on the Technical Letter RM 2013-01.
  • If traveling to a high hazard country, the traveler must submit the High Hazard Foreign Travel Approval Request form, and upload that document to the Financial Transaction System (FTS). No travel requests to a country on either list will be accepted without the completed form. All requests to travel to high hazard countries must arrive in the President’s office with no less than six weeks prior to the departure date. This will give two weeks to obtain the mandatory President’s and Chancellor’s Office approval.

It is recommended that all employees traveling internationally sign up for the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This is a system utilized by the State Department to connect with the traveler; providing information should conditions change in the foreign location and assist you in an emergency. The traveler need only enroll once and then can update as trips are planned. To enroll, visit the On-line Enrollment Site.

Insurance Premium

Insurance premiums will be recharged for each traveler. Please note these premiums are for FY 16/17 and could be subject to change:

  • For trips up to 15 days duration, the premium is $60.
  • For trips up to 30 days duration, the premium is $75.
  • Trips of more than 30 days in duration require insurance underwriter approval. Call Budget and Risk Management for details and instructions.
  • Additional premium will be charged for travel to high hazard/war risk countries.