SJSU Bid Lists

SJSU Buyers use BidsOnline™, a fully automated web-based vendor and bid management system. This system facilitates doing business with the University by providing vendors current information regarding bid requests. Some of the key features and benefits of BidsOnline™ include the ability to:

  • Maintain your own profile as a new or existing vendor.
  • Receive automatic email notifications for selected bid opportunities based on product and service categories.
  • Search for all types of requests, addendums, bid results and awards at any time.
  • Download bid documents when available.
  • Receive automatic addendum notification as a bid participant.

To get on the SJSU bid list, all vendors need to visit BidsOnline™ and register themselves as a potential vendor.

For detailed instructions on how to use this system, see How to Use BidsOnline™ (PDF).