Recommended Strategies

All products and services procured by SJSU are processed either by purchase order, direct payment or procard. Vendors should not accept requests for products and/or services from SJSU employees without one of the following:

  • Purchase Order number
  • Direct Payment number
  • Presentation of the ProCard

Vendors can build strong relationships with SJSU Buyers by developing the following strategies:

  • Refrain from offering gifts or gratuities or anything that could be construed as such.
  • Tell us if our specifications for a product can be improved to provide a better performance, a longer-life product and/or lower cost.
  • Keep us supplied with your latest catalogs and current prices.
  • Keep us informed of your back-order situations, plant closures, impending shortages or strikes.
  • Keep us informed of any address and phone number changes.
  • Follow through on orders to ensure delivery to us as promised.
  • Insure that all shipments are clearly marked with a purchase order number or with the SJSU employee name and department name.
  • Include the SJSU Purchase Order number or Direct Payment number on all invoices and correspondence.
  • Call ahead for appointments.