Authorized Purchases

Vendors may be presented with 3 different types of authorized purchase transactions:

Purchase Orders, Service Agreements and Contracts

SJSU Buyers have the sole authority to issue purchase orders, service agreements and contracts. They will take action to procure the products or services requested by campus departments after ensuring that all policies, authorizations and procedures, including competitive solicitations, have been obtained.


The ProCard is used by authorized SJSU employees to purchase products costing less than $5000 (including shipping, handling and tax). While full liability rests with the University for immediate payment, the cardholder whose name is imprinted on the card is responsible for all purchases. No personal expenses are to be charged to the procard at any time or for any reason whatsoever.

Direct Payment Voucher

Authority has been delegated to campus departments to purchase aspecific list of routine products and services directly from vendors.

Vendors send invoices directly to the SJSU employee making the acquisition. Vendors should ensure proper identification is provided by anyone who presents a direct payment transaction on behalf of the University to ensure orders are placed by a current SJSU employee.

For the list of eligible products and services, see Direct Payment Checklist.