Driving on University Business

Before an employee drives a university vehicle including electric carts, or a privately owned vehicle on university business more than once per month, employees are required to take a defensive driving course once every four (4) years and adhere to the following:


University Vehicle Use

  1. Faculty and Staff: Complete the Skillsport Defensive Driver Training online course. Requires a SJSUOne Account for Login.
  2. Student Assistants, Graduate Assistants, Auxiliary Staff and Volunteers: Complete the DGS Defensive Driver Training online course.
  3. Complete an Application for University Vehicle Operation Authorization (PDF).
  4. Obtain supervisor's permission to operate any vehicle on university business.
  5. Maintain a valid California State Drivers License (foreign licenses are not permitted). The drivers license needs to be appropriate for the job and vehicle(s) to be operated, (i.e. class A, B, C).
  6. Have and maintain a good and safe driving record. Risk Management will review each driver's Motor Vehicle Record from DMV. If a Class A, B, or Special Class C driver, you are responsible for providing (at your cost) an original DMV record to the employing department at time of hire.

Private/Personal Vehicle Use

Employees planning to drive on university business need to:

  1. Complete the Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business (STD. 261) (PDF).
  2. If driving on an average of more than once a month, complete the Skillsport Defensive Driver Training online course. (Requires a SJSUOne Account for Login.)

Vounteers Driving on University Business

  1. Volunteers who drive vehicles on official university business, such as field trips or athletic events, need to complete the Human Resources' Volunteer Request and Appointment Package (PDF).
  2. Volunteers need to have already completed the Volunteer Request and Appointment Form (PDF) before driving on university business.

Additional Driving Resources


Vehicle Accidents

If you are involved in a vehicle accident while driving on university business, fill out the following forms: