Accounting FAQs

If I have Operating Fund money left over at the end of the fiscal year, can I roll it over to the next fiscal year?

It depends. In College and Division Operating Fund budgets, SJSU includes an amount equal to the unspent balance from the prior fiscal year. Deans and Vice-Presidents decide whether or not to pass these funds on to individual departments.

For more questions and answers related to fiscal year-end, visit Finance FAQs.

Can I transfer expenses between University accounts? What about budget allocations?

Yes, you can transfer expenses that were accidentally charged to the wrong ChartFields. To do this, use the expense transfer function in the Finance Web Component.

Budget allocations are limited to the same fund. This means you can perform budget transfers only within the same state fund.

For example, you can do a budget transfer between 2 departments with General Fund allocations, but not between the General Fund and the Continuing Education Fund.

Can I transfer money from my department's Foundation accounts to its University funds and vice versa?

No. Research FoundationExternal Link that Will Take User Outside SJSU Domain and Tower FoundationExternal Link that Will Take User Outside SJSU Domain are separate legal entities from SJSU, with a separate set of books. Therefore, any transfers between them are like transactions with outside businesses.

The State has strict rules on using State funds to pay for non-State (e.g., Foundation) expenses. If you pay an expense through your Foundation account that should be charged to an SJSU fund, the Foundation must formally invoice SJSU for reimbursement and vice versa.

If you know an expense will be paid from both SJSU and Foundation funds, be sure to follow the steps provided at Auxiliary Organization Billing so we can automatically invoice amounts paid out of this fund to the Foundation.

What is the last date we can do a budget transfer?

SJSU is required to submit year-end reports to the State Controller's Office and the Chancellor's Office by the middle of July. Deadlines are put in place to allow enough time to process all the changes, invoices and accounting entries needed to close the fiscal year by this date.

For the Year-End Deadlines Calendar, visit Campus Fiscal Year-End.

Do I have to find money to cover negative line items?

Not necessarily.

Departments are expected to maintain a positive Balance Available (as displayed on their Cognos reports). A positive Balance Available signifies that you have enough funding (e.g., budget allocation for Operating Fundaccounts, cash receipts for trust funds) to cover all your expenses.

As long as your overall Balance Available is positive, the decision as to whether or not you maintain a positive Balance Available for each line item is up to each department.

Will salaries get paid even if they exceed budget?

Yes, SJSU always pays employees for work done. If you exceed your department budget, you must find funding to make up the difference.

When can I make direct payments (e.g., pay without a purchase order)? What is the ProCard program and how do I get a card?

SJSU has policies in place regarding when you can use a ProCardDirect Payment Voucher, or Web Requisition to obtain products and services for your department.

For advice on how to get specific products and services you need, visit How to Get the Products & Services You Need.

Do we need to file any paperwork when our department receives a gift?

Yes. Complete and submit a Gift Acceptance Form (pdf).

It is critical that you submit this form so that we may track property and so that donors can receive tax-related documentation from University Advancement.

I need to close my Trust fund. What should I do?

To close your trust fund:

  1. Make sure there are no outstanding requisitions or purchase orders related to the fund. Requisitions and purchase orders are automatically closed by the system when all items have been ordered, received and paid. If you need help, check the Purchasing Directory and contact the appropriate buyer for the products and/or services on your order.
  2. Request our help to finalize actual transactions and inactivate your fund. To do this, check our Staff Directory by Fund and contact the appropriate Accountant. We will notify you when the fund has been inactivated.

Can I process a journal against a ChartField (CF) as soon as it was created by the CF maintenance personnel?

Yes, you can use a new ChartField as soon as Accounting Services notifies you that it has been created.