Rental Furniture

The rental of tables, chairs, risers, etc. for special events or for temporary office staff workspace must be handled through the requisition pathway. There are several qualified vendors who have been through a formal bid process and can meet the campus needs and insurance requirements.

Suppliers cannot take orders placed directly with them by departments, however they can provide a quote and verify schedule accommodations so the department may submit this information to Contracts & Purchasing Services along with their requisition.

Please allow enough time for the buyer to obtain competitive bids as appropriate. Quotes obtained from vendors directly by the departments are still reviewed and need to be approved by Contract & Purchasing Services.

Rental Needs for Commencement Events:

For Commencement events, Spartan Shops can often make arrangements for folding tables, chairs, round tables, market umbrellas, linens and provide set-up and installation, pick-up and delivery. Contact Spartan Shops for specific information: (408) 924-1756.