Change Order FAQs

Note: These questions are intended for department users with a general understanding of SJSU procurement processes, purchase order management, and Financial Transaction Services (FTS) functionality. If you have any additional questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact FinanceConnect.




Q: Why do I see names of Finance management in the list of Dept Approvers?

A: These individuals have central finance approval access in FTS, allowing them to approve transactions of $50,000 and above. By default, they will display as approvers for all deptIDs, but should not be selected.

Q: When I want to close a line, why am I required to provide a ‘reduce by’ amount? Can’t I just request that it be closed?

A: Procurement staff are required to enter a reduce by amount on the PO line in CFS. To ensure the amount line nets to zero, the reduce by amount need to be provided by the department.

Q: What if the person I want to approve the change order doesn’t display in the Dept Approver list?

A: The Dept Approver list populates from FTS security. If someone does not show in the list, they cannot approve requisitions for the deptID in FTS.

Q: How will I know if the Approver has approved the change order request?

A: Email notifications are sent when a request is submitted, as well as when the Approver takes action on the request. Once approved, the change order request enters workflow in OnBase, for the buyer to process.

Q: How will I know when the change order has been processed?

A: The Change Order requester will receive a PDF copy of the change order via email once complete. Additionally, the Change Order request and PDF will both be accessible via the Document Retrieval button on the originating requisition in FTS.

Q: Can I submit a change order request for a requisition?

A: The OnBase Change Order request form is for purchase orders only. If a change to a requisition is necessary, you should cancel the requisition and resubmit via FTS.

Q: Can I save a change order I have in process without submitting it for approval?

A: We do not have a mechanism for saving incomplete change order requests at this time. We are using an OnBase Unity form for our change order process, which sends data into workflow. It does not live in OnBase until the submit button is clicked.

Q: I need to step away from my desk. How long will the change order I'm working on be available?

A: The change order page times out after the window sits idle for 20 minutes. Be sure to give yourself ample time to complete a change order request through to submission so you don't lose your work! If the request is large, you may want to consider splitting the request into two separate submissions.

Q: I can't remember if I've already submitted a change order for this purchase order. Is there a way I can look up what I've submitted?

A: All submitted change order requests related to a purchase order are visible in FTS via the Document Retreival button. To review submitted requests, log in to FTS and search by purchase order number, requisition ID, or supplier name.

Q: I selected the wrong Approver for the change order request. Is there any way I can change it?

A: You yourself are not able to change the selected approver once the change order request has been submitted, but hope is not lost! Contact FinanceConnect to update the selected Approver; we have the ability to change the selection to another approver from the drop-down list.

Q: How long can a change order request wait for approval?

A: Department approvers receive email notification when a change order request is submitted for their approval. Reminder emails are sent to the approver daily, for 30 days. If no action is taken after 30 days, the request is cancelled.