ATI Procurement Criteria


Important ATI Notice

This is an Electronic & Information Technology (E&IT) product or service.

High Impact Criteria

Regardless of dollar amount, if your purchase of this product/service will affect multiple end-users, CSU policy requires you to follow the ATI Procurement Process (as set forth in CSU Coded Memorandum AA-2013-03).

ATI Procurement Process

  1. Submit a Requisition.
  2. Include the following information in the Requisition:
    • Product Description
    • Type of Product (example:  software application, telecommunication, desktop/laptop, or video/multimedia)
    • Where will product be used (such as in a classroom, conference room, or cubicle)?
    • Who will be using the product  (i.e., students and staff/faculty)?
    • Estimated Cost

For additional information, see Accessible Technology Initiative.