Submitting a Change Order Request


All change order requests must be emailed, by the Approving Official, to To insure a change order request is processed in a timely manner, the following information must be provided:

  • In the subject line:
    • Requisition Number or Purchase Order Number
  • In the body of the email:
    • Requestor’s name
    • Contact phone number
    • Purchase Order Number or Requisition Number
    • Chartfield information from original Requisition/Purchase Order
    • Buyer’s Name (listed on original Requisition/Purchase Order)
    • Action(s) requested, for example-
      • Add new line (must include information such as product description, quantity, price, and Chartfield string)
      • Increase Line 1 from $200 to $300
      • Reduce Line 5 from $500 to $200
  • Any other changes, notes or comments


Sample Change Order Request

Below are samples of what change order requests should look like. 

Sample 1:  Add a new line to a Requisition.

A sample of Change Order Request


Sample 2:  Reduce Purchase Order in order to entirely close it.

Sample of a Change Order Request