San José State captures and reports its financial transactions based on ChartFields, which are PeopleSoft numbers used to designate where specific budget funds are located.

Chartfields require Account, Fund, and Dept ID numbers. With more specific budget accounting, ChartFields will sometimes include optional program, class and project numbers.


The Account Chartfield contains 6 digits. The first digit for each account type is as follows:  for assets, 1; liabilities, 2; equities, 3; revenues, 5; and expenses, 6. To establish a new or update an existing account, please contact Accounting Services. For more information regarding Expense Account Codes, see Account Definitions.


The Fund Chartfield contains 5 digits. It segregates transactions for a specific funding source. Please use the Trust Fund Agreement Form to establish a new or update an existing university Trust Fund. For more information, see Fund Types


The DeptID Chartfield contains 4 digits. It usually corresponds to a physical department identified in the PeopleSoft system. Please use the Department Organization Change Request Form to establish new or update department information. 


The Program Chartfield contains 3 digits. It is used to define on-going general activities which need to be tracked for reporting purposes or campus policy. To establish a new or update an existing Program Chartfield, please use this Request Form.


The Class ChartField contains 4 digits. It is provided for any special cost reporting needs a campus department or other organizational unit may have that are not met by the other defined ChartFields. To establish a new or update an existing Class Chartfield, please use this Request Form.


The Project ChartField is used to identify a discrete set of activities that have a strict start and end date. It is also used to identify expense transactions that should be automatically invoiced to auxiliary organizations. It may have 5 to 11 alphanumeric characters. To establish a new or update an existing Project Chartfield, please use this Request Form.


* When a Chartfield is created in CFS, it may take up to 24 hours to be available for use in FTS.