FTS Roles


Access is granted in FTS according to roles. To ensure you obtain appropriate access, please review the table below to determine which role aligns with your job responsibilities.

To ensure employees obtain the correct access to FTS module(s), they should determine what their role and responsibilities are in their department before enrolling in training and submitting a request for access to FTS. Once determined, select the appropriate role when completing the Security Access Request form.

Role Name


Level 1

Create purchase and payment requests (e.g., Requisitions, Direct Payments, and Employee/Student Reimbursements) on behalf of the department.

Level 2

In additional to responsibilities in level 1, employee has budget and position expenditure responsibilities.

Approving Official

MPP level employees and Department Chairs. Please refer to the University's Delegation of Authority for the Approval of Financial Expenditures (DAAFE) Guidelines. 

Super User

Responsible for the set-up of Travel Approval structure in FTS.
Note: I
dentified by division Finance Advisory Council Representatives.