General Program Information


Overview of program

The ProCard program has been implemented to provide easy and expeditious method for campus departments to make low dollar purchases and Office Max supply orders. Cards are issued in the name of the individual (Cardholder) whose purchases are reviewed and authorized by their Approving Official1.

The Cardholder is the only one authorized to make a purchase with the ProCard. Approving Official must have the authority to spend department funds and be registered on file in the Accounts Payable Office. Each Cardholder and Approving Official participating in the program is required to attend a training session. Cardholders must also sign a Cardholder Participation Agreement prior to receiving a card.

The ProCard is billed directly to the university; eligibility for a card is not based on cardholder’s credit history. Monthly payments are made to the bank immediately upon receipt of the master bill in Accounts Payable. Each Cardholder and Approving Official must verify that the charges on the statement are valid and that the goods have been received. Such charges must be supported with itemized receipts for each transaction on the statement.

Cards will be renewed automatically unless the individual Cardholder’s privileges have been terminated.

The university is using an agreement made with US Bank. The card is a Visa card.