Employee Recognition & Appreciation

Our objective is to encourage and recognize outstanding performance and promote positive morale in the workplace.

Employee Recognition Committee

The Finance Recognition Committee is composed of staff volunteers from departments within the Finance service group. The Recognition Committee is responsible for coordinating small appreciation activities throughout the year. Committee members serve a one-year term. The current members are:

  • Jasjit Singh, Finance
  • Amy Chan, Finance
  • Shauna Rios, Finance
  • Ana Harris, Finance
  • Linda May, Accounts Payable
  • Kim Gamblin, Accounts Payable
  • John Hardin, Bursar's Office
  • Sara Tipton-Perez, Accounts Payable
  • Maggie De La Mere, Accounts Payable

Service Group Recognition Card

The first level of the Finance Recognition Program is the recognition card. We have all experienced a situation where someone helps you and you think to yourself, "Wow! That was really nice of them to do that." A recognition card to acknowledge colleague-to-colleague assistance, a kind gesture, a good attitude, or going the extra mile is a great way to show your appreciation. Recognition cards are available with a number of titles from You Rock! to Kudos! and are available in each department.

Stellar Spartan Award

Stellar Spartan award recipients are individuals who exemplify professionalism and a dedication to excellence in service. Nominations should be made for individuals who perform above the standard to improve programs, service, quality, or the image of the Finance service group. Nominations are submitted online and reviewed by the managers within the Finance service group. Stellar Spartan awards are presented at service group events twice a year.

Recipients of a Stellar Spartan Award receive:

  • A 75 Gold Points Card
  • An Award Certificate

Award Nominations

To nominate an individual or team for an award, please complete a Stellar Spartan Award Nomination form.

Stellar Spartan Award Nomination Form