Resolutions can be either literal or metaphorical.

Literal resolutions dictate a specific topic area.

This House believes US domestic policy should be guided by the principle of diversity.

This House should slow progress on the information superhighway.

This House believes efforts to protect the public's right to know have gone too far.


Metaphorical resolutions show a clear relationship between the terms in the topic without clearly defining the issue that must be debated. These resolutions are open to any reasonable interpretation by the Government team. Abstract resolutions are often derived from quotations.

This House believes a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

This House believes someday my prince will come.

This House would open doors.


How would you develop TH would be as quiet as a mouse ?


FACT - proves the existence of something past, present, or future

THB James Earl Ray was framed for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This requires a description of the motive; contributing players, description of the gun with his name on it, etc.


This House believes the Shroud of Tourin was used to wrap the body of Jesus.

This House believes there is intelligent life on other planets.

This House believes we will experience the big quake in the next five years.

Relationship between two objects or concepts.

This House believes capital punishment deters murder. (Cause and effect)

THB school uniforms eliminates gang warfare.

VALUE - competing value systems debating right vs. wrong; good vs. bad; moral vs. immoral

You describe the situation; and relate that situation to an effect and then you add evaluation of the effect. Advertising is oppressive. Start by describing advertising. Then link it to effects and the explain the effects as oppressive. Girls thin, diets, smoking, sugar for children, etc.


THB three strikes policy is harmful to the police.

THB Apples are better than oranges.

THB private education is better than public education.

POLICY - advocates a specific policy to remedy a problem.

TH would ban smoking. Describe the problem - smoking, then link to effects - 400,000 deaths a year and then show how the ban would improve health.


THB we should open the US oil reserves.

THB juveniles should be tried as adults for all felonies.

Decide whether FACT, VALUE or POLICY.

TH would legalize drugs

THB there is no right way to do a wrong thing

TH would reform the judicial branch of government

THB there is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience

THB the Brady Law has been ineffective in curbing gun violence