Completed Application Example

Name: Lindsay Bennett

Email Address:

Phone number(s): 408-555-9999 (Cell) Voice Mail 408-555-8888

Communication classes completed with grade: COMM 40 (A); COMM 41 (B+); COMM 120P (A+); COMM 140P (B+); COMM 155I (A-)

Career goal(s): Public Relations - currently SUN intern

Program Design: for 1 unit (see example below). Work to be accomplished with due dates [no late assignments] Attach a typed copy!

I, Lindsay Bennett, agree to complete the following by Dec. 5th.

  • Attend the Contra Costa College Speaker's Workshop [10 hours] and submit a report of which events I'd like to compete.
  • Write a persuasive speech of 8-10 minutes in length. I'll get the topic cleared first and then write the speech. I'll once again get the substance of the speech cleared with the coaching staff. I will use and cite no fewer than seven resources. I will deliver this speech within the required time limits without notes. I will attend at least three pre-arranged coaching sessions to practice and receive critiques and gain permission to compete with this speech before entering a tournament. [15 hours]
  • I will notify the coaching staff, two weeks or more prior to a tournament of my intention to compete and then follow through on being prepared. I realize if I back out, I must pay a drop fee of $25.
  • I will compete at the Santa Clara tournament on Sept. 24th. [8 hours]
  • I will also prepare to compete in impromptu speaking at the same tournament [5-8 hours]
  • On Dec. 2nd I'll judge the intramural tournament. [5 hours]
  • On Dec. 6th, I'll submit my journal for credit with an accurate account of the time spent. I will also submit a two page reflective paper on this activity.
  • Approximate hour account 55.

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