Reasons to Enroll

Before you hear an advisor say "I'm sorry, you won't be graduating this semester; you are missing one or two units of credit," plan ahead and consider enrolling in COMM 91J Judge Training for 1 unit of credit and COMM 191J for up to 3 units of credit, for judging high school speech and debate tournaments or SJSU intramurals. Judging provides an interesting and informative day of listening and critiquing outstanding student speeches and debates. This form of community service looks great on your resume.

Our forensics program is not limited to judging. We provide intercollegiate competition in parliamentary debate, platform speaking and oral interpretation.

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll

  1. Fortune 500 businesses and corporations unanimously agree that the number one liability among college graduates is the lack of oral communication skills. Forensics offers you the opportunity to develop your speaking skills.
  2. Forensics enhances your ability to reason and think on your feet. Specific events in impromptu and extemporaneous speaking as well as parliamentary debate are designed to improve your skills.
  3. You have ample opportunity to develop life-long learning skills through working and traveling with people from diverse cultures.
  4. Community Service. What better way to earn 1 - 4 units of credit than helping high school students in judging their speech and debate tournaments? These outstanding students welcome your input on how they can improve.
  5. Increase your understanding of citizenship and contribution to our democracy. Forensics provides vital support to our legal and political processes.