Freshman Steps to Admission

Meet All Deadlines

If you miss an SJSU deadline, we will withdraw your application for admission, and you will not be able to attend SJSU for the term in which you applied. If you have an extreme hardship or unusual circumstance that may cause you to miss one of our deadlines, contact prior to the deadline date.

Preference for “local” applicants

San José State gives preference to “local” applicants. Freshmen are considered “local” if they will graduate from a high school in Santa Clara County. Transfers are considered “local” if they will earn the majority of their transferable units at a college located in Santa Clara or Santa Cruz counties

10 Steps to Admission

Your path to admission to San Jose State and becoming a Spartan involves 10 steps. These steps are designed to help you navigate through the process toward admission. We look forward to receiving your application.

Meet all of the Academic Requirements

Freshman (Domestic)

You are an applicant that is applying to SJSU directly after completing high school.

Freshman (International)

You are an applicant who plans to attend SJSU on a F-1 or J-1 visa.

Choose Your Major Carefully

SJSU determines eligibility based on the major and alternate major you select during the application process.

You cannot change your major during the admission process. Once you are admitted, your mandatory orientation, advising, and registration will all be based on the major for which you were admitted. After you are admitted, change of major is never guaranteed and is by petition only.

Apply to SJSU at Cal State Apply

You will receive an application confirmation number: this is your receipt. Keep this number in a safe place; it is your proof that you submitted the application by the deadline.

EOP (Educational Opportunity Program for First Generation College Students) is designed for undergraduate students who are considered California residents or AB540 students with a history of low-income (as determined by the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application) and from an educationally disadvantaged background. Your parents/guardians cannot have earned a bachelor’s degree in any country (siblings with a bachelor’s degree are acceptable). If you are interested and feel you meet this criteria, submit acompleted EOP application via Cal State Apply (

Look for an email with your SJSU ID

About 7-10 business days after applying at Cal State Apply, you will receive an email with your nine-digit SJSU ID included. This nine-digit number will be your primary university identification throughout your career at SJSU. Make sure the spam filters on your email account are set to accept email from so you receive this email.

Create your password for your SJSUOne/MySJSU account

Your SJSUOne ID and password will get you in to your MySJSU account.


Sign in to your MySJSU student account on the Spartan Apps Portal

Click on the blue “MySJSU Sign In” link and enter your nine-digit SJSU ID and the password you created. Make sure your personal information is current—your email address is critical!

Check your MySJSU account weekly

Check your MySJSU account at least once a week for important and timely notices, such as admission, fees, financial aid, enrollment appointment, test, and transcript information and deadlines.

Step 8 - Submit Your SAT/ACT Scores

Freshman applicants are required to submit SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and math) or ACT composite scores to be eligible for admission. We strongly recommend that you take the exams prior to the December dates (if applying for a Fall semester) and have those sent directly to SJSU. If you don’t, you risk missing this deadline listed on your "To Do List."

Request to have your official scores sent from the testing agency. Listing your scores on your application will not satisfy this deadline. Please note: The SAT/ACT writing portion is not used for admission or placement purposes at SJSU.

Earn a high school diploma, or equivalent

Your graduation date must be included in your final transcripts.

Complete the required high school (A-G) courses with grades of “C-” or better (prior to high school graduation date)

All required high school courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to fall admission. A list of approved courses can be found at University of California A - G Guide.

Congratulations on completing the Steps to Admission!

If you are admitted, you will also need to complete the Steps to Enrollment, which include submitting final high school transcripts, attending orientation, and registering for classes.