Graduate Programs

Prospective Students: Thank you for your interest in pursuing your graduate career at San Jose State University! Your first step towards becoming a graduate student at SJSU is to fully investigate your intended program.The links below give you all the information you need including program prerequisites, requirements, and courses offered. When you have finished your research, visit our application deadlines page so you can begin your application process.

Current Students: Use our graduate programs page for quick access to your department's website, advisor contact information, and the SJSU online catalog which has information on department requirements and course offerings.


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MSA Information for International Applicants

MS Catalog Dr. Laura Ingraham (408) 924-3490
Applied Anthropology MA Catalog Dr. Roberto Gonzalez (408) 924-5715
Archives and Records Administration MARA Catalog Dr. Linda Main (408) 924-2494
Art MFA Catalog Dr. Robert Chiarito (408) 924-4374
Art History MA  Catalog Dr. Anthony Raynsford (408) 924-4796 
Biological Sciences MA or MS Catalog Dr. Shannon Bros 
(408) 924-4896
Biotechnology MBT Catalog Dr. Sabine Rech (408) 924-4832
Business Administration MBA Catalog Dr. Marco Pagani (408) 924-3420
Chemistry MA or MS Catalog Dr. Joseph Pesek (408) 924-4950
Communication Studies MA Catalog Dr. Matthew Spangler (408) 924-1373
Computer Science MS Catalog Dr. Chris Pollett (408) 924-5085
Creative Writing MFA Catalog Dr. Alan Soldofsky (408) 924-4432
Economics MA Catalog Dr. Lydia Ortega (408) 924-5400
--Administration and Supervision MA or Credential Catalog Dr. Lisa Oliver (408) 924-3616
--Child and Adolescent Development MA Catalog Dr. Ravisha Mathur (408) 924-3666
--Communicative Disorders and Sciences MA or Credential Catalog Dr. Michael Kimbarow (408) 924-3691
--Counselor Education MA or Credential Catalog Dr. Dolores Mena (408) 924-3634
--Curriculum and Instruction MA Catalog Dr. David Whitenack (408) 924-3736
--Educational Leadership Ed. D.  TBA Dr. Arnie Danzig (408) 924-4098
--Higher Education MA Catalog Dr. Lisa Oliver (408) 924-3616
--Multiple Subject Credential Credential Catalog Dr. Elba Maldonado-Colon (408) 924-3771
--Single Subject Credential Credential Catalog

Dr. Mark Felton

Dr. Resa Kelly

(408) 924-3745

(408) 924-1830

--Special Education MA or Credential Catalog Dr. Chris Hagie

(408) 924-3700

--Aerospace Engineering MS Catalog Dr. Periklis Papadoplous (408) 924-7168
Biomedical Engineering  MS Catalog Dr. Guna Selvadury (408) 924-3874
--Chemical Engineering MS Catalog Dr. Melanie McNeil (408) 924-3873
--Civil Engineering MS Catalog Dr. Kurt McMullin (408) 924-3855
--Computer Engineering MS Catalog Dr. Lee Chang (408) 924-3891
--Electrical Engineering MS Catalog

Dr. Tri Caohuu

Dr. Ray Chen 

(408) 924-3951


(408) 924-3950

--General Engineering MS Catalog

Dr. Leonard Wesley

(MSE "Management" Emphasis only) 

(408) 924-3939

(408) 924-4152

--Human Factors / Ergonomics MS Catalog Dr. Louis Freund (408) 924-3890
--Industrial and Systems Engineering MS Catalog Dr. Jacob Tsao (408) 924-4088
--Materials Engineering MS Catalog Dr. Craig England (408) 924-4000
--Mechanical Engineering MS Catalog Dr. Raghu Agarwal (408) 924-3845
--MSE / MBA Dual Degree MS Catalog Dr. Leonard Wesley (408) 924-3939
--Quality Assurance MS Catalog Dr. Dianne Hall (408) 924-3204
--Software Engineering MS Catalog  Dr. Dan Harkey (408) 924-4038
English and Comparative Literature MA Catalog Dr. Noelle Brada-Williams (408) 924-4439
Environmental Studies MS Catalog Dr. Rachel O'Malley (408) 924-5450
French MA Catalog Dr. Danielle Trudeau (408) 924-4594
Geography MA Catalog

Dr. Kathryn Davis

Dr. Gary Pereira

(408) 924-5485

(408) 924-5460

Geology MS Catalog Dr. Manny Gabet (408) 924-5185
Gerontology Certificate Catalog Dr. Nancy Hikoyeda (408) 924-2938
History MA Catalog Dr. Libra Hilde (408) 924-5500
Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management MS Catalog Dr. Randy Virden (408) 924-3199
Interdisciplinary Studies MA or MS Catalog Dr. David Bruck (408) 924-2484
Journalism and Mass Communications MS Catalog Dr. Scott Fosdick (408) 924-7556
Justice Studies MS Catalog Dr. Alessandro De Giorgi (408) 924-2967
Kinesiology MA Catalog Dr. Matt Masucci (408) 924-3068
Library and Information Science MLIS Catalog Dr. Linda Main (408) 924-2494
Linguistics and Language Development MA Catalog Dr. Soteria Svorou (408) 924-1379
Marine Science MS Catalog Brynn Hooton-Kaufman (831) 771-4401
Mathematics MA or MS Catalog Dr. Richard Kubelka (408) 924-5132
Medical Product Develop Management MS Catalog Tonja Green (408) 924-4853
Meteorology MS Catalog Dr. Alison Bridger (408) 924-5206
Mexican American Studies MA Catalog Dr. Marcos Pizarro (408) 924-5584
Music MA Catalog Dr. Gordon Haramaki (408) 924-4634
Nursing MS Catalog Dr. Daryl Canham (408) 924-1323
Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging MS Catalog Dr. Marjorie Freedman (408) 924-3105
Occupational Therapy (Distance) MS Catalog Dr. Pamela Richardson (408) 924-3083
Occupational Therapy (Regular) MS Catalog Dr. Gigi Smith (408) 924-3081
Philosophy MA Catalog Dr. Carlos Sanchez (408) 924-7581
Physics and Astronomy MS Catalog Dr. Peter Beyersdorf (408) 924-5236
Psychology - Clinical MS Catalog Dr. Glenn Callaghan (408) 924-5610
Psychology - Research & Experimental MA Catalog Dr. Greg Feist (408) 924-5617
Psychology - Industrial / Organizational MS Catalog Dr. Howard Tokunaga (408) 924-5649
Public Administration MPA Catalog Dr. Frances Edwards (408) 924-5559
Public Health (Regular) MPH Catalog Dr. Jane Pham (408) 924-2970
Public Health (Distance) MPH Catalog Dr. Daniel Perales (408) 924-4695
Science Education MA Catalog Dr. Resa Kelly (408) 924-4940
Social Work MSW Catalog

Dr. Barry Goldman-Hall (Admissions)

Dr. Edward Cohen

(408) 924-5842


(408) 924-5824

Sociology MA Catalog Dr. Amy Leisernring (408) 924-5756
Spanish MA Catalog Dr. Juan Sempere (408) 924-4592
Statistics MS Catalog Dr. Andera Gottlieb (408) 924-5100
Taxation MS Catalog Dr. Annette Nellen (408) 924-3508
TESOL MA Catalog Dr. Scott Phillabaum (408) 924-7095
Theatre Arts MA Catalog Dr. Kathie Kratochvil (408) 924-4568
Transportation Management MS Catalog Dr. Peter J. Haas (408) 924-5691
Urban and Regional Planning MUP Catalog Dr. Hilary Nixon (408) 924-5852