International Document Requirements

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International Document Requirements  - Spring 2014

These requirements apply ONLY to Spring 2014 admission! The new requirements for Fall 2014 are below. 


The following list will show how to properly submit your international school work and degrees to our office. Please follow the instructions for your particular country so your documents can be accepted by our office. If you can not find your country listed in the letter group please contact our office for instructions on how to submit documents for your particular country. 

Applicants requiring validation of transcripts, as indicated in the country's instructions, must appear during the business hours of 9:00am-1:00pm, Monday through Friday. Due to the availability of certified staff, applicants arriving after 1:00pm will be asked to return the following day between 9:00am and 1:00pm. Records submitted in support of the application become the property of the university and will not be returned to the applicant/student. 

Please note that in all cases certified copies, translations, and evaluations done by private services or notary publics will not be accepted. 

Countries A-F

Countries G-N

Countries O-Z

Visit our International Applicants: How to Apply page (F1/J1 visa applicants) or our Domestic Applicants: How to Apply page (domestic applicants) to receive instructions on how to submit your application.


International Document Requirements - Fall 2014

GAPE requires that all international applicants provide a WES (World Education Services)  ICAP, course-by-course evaluation. Mark sheets/transcripts must be sent directly to WES for evaluation. (SJSU must receive the academic record and the evaluation directly from WES.) A complete WES evaluation is preferred. However, GAPE will review applications of those in the final year of study. For these applicants, the WES Evaluation must contain a minimum of 7 semesters of work.  

International Evaluators will use the WES findings as a tool in their review process. Applications will be referred or denied in accordance with eligibility standards currently in use. All mark sheets and transcripts required for admission must be sent directly to WES for evaluation. If any mark sheets or transcripts are sent to SJSU, they will not be considered valid nor will they be reviewed.

Applicants who are reviewed with only 7 semesters of evaluated work will be required to submit mark sheets/transcripts for the final semester and the degree certificate to WES for a revised ICAP evaluation. WES should be instructed to send the final evaluation to SJSU by the deadline stated in the applicant’s MySJSU. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a “document hold” being placed on the student’s record, preventing registration in any subsequent semester. The hold will be removed only when the required document has been received and finalized. 

Please note: Those earning degrees in the Bologna system must submit a completed evaluation—the evaluation must include ALL academic work and proof of degree conferral. Bologna degrees are carefully reviewed and therefore must be complete. Applicants earning a Bologna degree will not be considered if a partial WES evaluation is submitted.