Bachelor of Science in General Engineering (BSGE) Program

For selected high-performing students the General Engineering degree is an opportunity to develop a special interdisciplinary major. Students must meet with a General Engineering advisor early in their studies to determine if such a plan is right for them. Freshmen entering General Engineering are encouraged to explore the various traditional engineering fields and select a program which fits their interests by their second year of study at SJSU. All College of Engineering undergraduate majors are required to maintain a Major GPA of 2.0 or above.

Program educational objectives for the B.S. in General Engineering

The educational objective of the BS General Engineering program is to ensure that, after two to three years after graduation, the graduates will have

  1. Demonstrated understanding of the fundamental knowledge necessary for the practice of, or for advanced study in, engineering, including scientific principles, rigorous analysis, and problem solving.
  2. Demonstrated broad educational knowledge, including knowledge of important issues in engineering, necessary for productive careers in the public or private sectors, or for the pursuit of graduate education.
  3. Demonstrated clear communication skills, responsible teamwork skills, professional attitudes and ethics.
  4. Demonstrated a preparation for the complex work environment and for lifelong learning.

BSGE  Graduation Requirements