Current Students

Current and transfer BSGE students

BSGE students are encouraged to explore various traditional engineering fields and select a program which fits their interests by their second year of study at SJSU. Those students who want to pursue BSGE degree must work out a program of study with a General Engineering advisor before starting their Junior year.   A sample four-year plan is available  here

All engineering students are required to meet their major advisor every semester. Students are blocked from registering classes for the following semester before meeting an advisor.  

To make an appointment with General Engineering undergraduate advisor Prof. Jack Warecki:

Current and transfer BSGE students FAQ

Incoming MSE students

Newly admitted MSE students should learn about the university graduate studies requirements and MSE program requirements (link to academic page).  This is particularly important if students’ original major objective is not MSE.   

Incoming MSE students should enroll in classes before arriving on campus.   Students will be able to see their enrollment appointment date/time in their MySJSU sometime in June for fall admission.    Most new MSE students take ENGR201, ENGR202 (or ENGR203), and an elective course in the first semester at SJSU. Students should try to enroll in these classes before arriving on campus.   Students can discuss the selection of the elective course with the MSE Director or MSE advisor by email or in-person soon after they arrive. Students can adjust their class selection before the add/drop deadline which is at least a week after the first day of class.   Conditionally admitted students should take the pre-requisite course(s) as stated in their admission condition in their first semester study at SJSU. The MSE FAQ page contains information regarding course selection and registration for incoming students.

New MSE students are encouraged to plan out their program of study for the MSE program before arriving on campus.  However, it is not always possible or necessary to finalize this plan in such an early stage given that various classes may not be available every semester.  Students should fill out the MSE Program of Study Proposal and discuss it with the Program Director before the end of the first semester at SJSU.

A new MSE student orientation/advising session is held typically a week before the start of the semester.  The time/room is announced by email to all newly admitted students and on the MSE web site. In this session, a MSE advisor will explain the MSE degree requirements and  answer any question students might have. There is also a separate university level new graduate student orientation for which students need to register.

Information regarding International Students


Current MSE students

Information about graduate study in general at SJSU can be found on this web site.  The following items are pertaining to MSE students.  

MSE students are required to file several forms throughout the program.  These forms are explained as follows.

  • Program of Study Proposal Form
    MSE students should discuss their plan of study and get the approval from the Program Director or Advisor before the end of the 1st semester at SJSU.    Before meeting the Progam Director or Advisor, students should try to fill out the “MSE Program of Study Proposal Form” as much as possible.

Candidacy Form is the official program of study document.  A sample MSE candidacy form is available. The conditions and deadlines for filing Candidacy Form can be found on this page.

Other less often used forms for graduate students can be found on this page

Application for Award of Degree  

Informatoin on Applicatoin for graduation can be found on this page: Application Process and Deadline.

For International Students

Information on CPT, OPT,  Reduced Unit Load Petition and other information pertaining to international students can be found on the International Students Advising web site.

Academic Disqualification and Probation

All graduate students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. If at any point during a student’s academic career at SJSU, the overall GPA falls below 3.0, the student will be placed on academic probation. If this situation does not improve the following consecutive semester, the student will be disqualified from the university.   The complete policy on disqualification and probation can be found on this page


Use the following page to make an appointment with the General Engineering Graduate advisor, Prof. Ping Hsu. :