Faculty and Staff


Ping Hsu, Ph.D.Ping Hsu, Ph.D. - Program Director
Phone: (408) 924-3902
Email: ping.hsu@sjsu.edu
Research interests: Control, Embedded Systems, & Power Electronics

Belle Wei, Ph.D.Belle Wei, Ph.D. - Professor
Phone: (408) 924-3914
Email: belle.wei@sjsu.edu
Research interests: Electrical Engineering

Farshid Marbouti, Ph.D.Farshid Marbouti, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Phone: (408) 924-8159
Email: farshid.marbouti@sjsu.edu
Research interests: Engineering students’ success

Peggy Boylan-Ashraf, Ph.D.Peggy Boylan-Ashraf, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Phone: (408) 924-7689
Email: peggy.boylan-ashraf@sjsu.edu
Research interests: Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Education

Ahmed BanafaAhmed Banafa - ENGR 10 and Student Advisor
Phone: (408) 924-7689
Email: ahmed.banafa@sjsu.edu

Steve SepkaSteve Sepka - ENGR 10
Email: s.sepka@gmx.com

Jack WareckiJack Warecki - ENGR 10 and Student Advisor
Email: jack.warecki@sjsu.edu

Ken Youssefi, Ph.D.Ken Youssefi, Ph.D. - ENGR 10 Coordinator
Email: kyoussefi@aol.com

Bonnie HsiaBonnie Hsia - ENGR 100W
Email: bonnie.hsia@sjsu.edu

Stacey KnappStacey Knapp - ENGR 100W Co-Coordinator
Email: stacey.knapp@sjsu.edu

John LeihJohn Leih - ENGR 100W
Email: john.leih@sjsu.edu

Shawn TranShawn Tran - ENGR 100W
Email: shawn.tran@sjsu.edu

Lin Zou, Ph.D.Lin Zou, Ph.D. - ENGR 100W
Email: lin.zou@sjsu.edu

Marie HighbyMarie Highby - ENGR 200W
Email: marie.highby@sjsu.edu

Barbara Murphy-WesleyBarbara Murphy-Wesley - ENGR 100W/200W Coordinator
Email: barbara.murphywesley@sjsu.edu

Julia ThompsonJulia Thompson - ENGR 195 C/D
Email: julia.thompson@sjsu.edu


Kathy RobinsonKathy Robinson - On Campus Program Specialist
Phone: (408) 924-4048
Email: kathy.robinson@sjsu.edu