BSGE Transfer Students FAQ

Is General Engineering the right major for me?

BSGE program is for students who either want to gain a wide range of knowledge in engineering or have a specific learning goal that is not available through other engineering programs in the college.  


I am an incoming transfer student. What course should I take in the first semester at SJSU?

Transfer students normally start taking Junior level courses during their first semester at SJSU.  However, it is often that the students need to take some lower division courses that are required by their major program.  One way to determine if you have completed all the lower division major required courses is to go over the program’s 4-year plan and to see if there is any required course, or their equivalent coures, that you have not taken in other colleges.    For students who attended California community colleges, course equivalency can be found at   All other transfer students should see an advisor in Engineering Students Success Center for course equivalency evaluation.      The transfer equivalency evaluation process can be found on this web page.


Can I change my major? If so, how?

You can petition for changing your major.  Before you officially submit the petition, you should first talk to an advisor in the department that you wish to change into.


On the BSGE 4-year plan, most upper division courses are listed as approved electives? Why?

Before registering for your Junior level courses, you should first develop a program-of-study proposal for all your Junior and Senior year courses.    The proposal should be submitted to and reviewed by a General Engineering advisor.  Once the proposal is approved, you can then follow the plan to complete your BSGE degree.