Meet the Team

gei director Susie Morris | Director
 Susie joined San Jose State University in  January 2016 to serve as the Director of Global  Education and Initiatives under the College of  International and Extended Studies. As a  linguist at heart (she studied Russian, Czech,  Polish, French, Spanish, and Thai), Susie has  diverse work experience; Susie taught  Bachelor's and Master's level courses focusing  on English language skills in Thailand, Russia,  Spain and the U.S.

Susie holds a BA in Russian from the University of Iowa and a MA in International Education with a focus on Intercultural Development from the SIT Graduate Institute. She says her passion is promoting “greater intercultural understanding, community collaboration, and positive relationships between students and the rest of the world.” Susie loves to travel and meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. In her spare time, Susie loves listening to her record collection, spending time with her two fat cats, and exploring the world.

 gei operations coordinatorThao Phan | Operations Coordinator 
 Thao has been working in the international  education field for over nine years. At GEI,  Thao works with faculty to implement  faculty-led programs and advises students  in their program options and registration  process. As a former Spartan and a  Salzburg Fellow, she is excited to be  working with students in their pursuit of  education abroad experiences. Thao also  coordinates custom programs that welcome international students from institutions around the world. In her free time, Thao likes to travel, try new food, and catch up on her favorite TV shows.


 Greta Decker | Operations Coordinatorgei operations coordinator
 Greta works on the planning and coordination of Faculty-Led  Programs, Summer School Abroad, and U.S. Culture Programs, advises students on all of their study abroad questions, and runs  SJSU’s new Global Ambassador program for returned students.  She received her B.A. in International Studies and Spanish Area  Studies from Kenyon College in Ohio, and her M.A. in International  Education from SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont. As an  undergrad she had the opportunity to spend two semesters  studying in Costa Rica and Bolivia, and she is excited to help more  Spartans study abroad.


LaurenLauren Issvoran | Student Assistant

Lauren is GEI’s student assistant and the newest addition to the GEI team. She promotes Faculty-Led Programs, Summer School Abroad, and US Culture Programs through social media and events put on by GEI. She is working towards her B.A. in History and minor in Anthropology. She recognizes the importance of studying abroad during college to experience the richness of other cultures and is eager to help students find the right program to help them in their academic and professional pursuits. Lauren spends her leisure time playing with her dogs, making/eating food with friends, and taking fun road trips when she can.