Finances and Scholarships


When planning on how much money to bring for your personal expenses and meals, it will be a good idea to compare the cost of living between San Jose, California and the destination of your FLP. Check out this cost of living comparison website

Financial Aid

Undergraduate students may be able to use their Financial Aid toward the FLP if they are planning to take minimum 6 units during the summer session. Graduate students may be able to use their Financial Aid toward the FLP if they are planning to take minimum 4 units during the summer session.

The Financial Aid disbursed for the Summer FLP is part of your Financial Aid award for the academic year (Fall and Spring) so be sure to save some of your Financial Aid for the Summer if you plan to participate in an FLP. For more information, please see the Summer Financial Aid Webpage for Faculty-Led Programs and Summer School Abroad (applies to all Summer terms).

You are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to find out the process of allocating your Financial Aid award toward the Summer FLP.


Carol A. Garcia
Special Programs Coordinator
Financial Aid & Scholarship Office


Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships may come from different colleges and departments on campus with various deadlines and requirements for eligibility. Moreover, availability or amount of award may vary depending on the funding of the awarding agency but will typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. In addition, you may be automatically eligible without the need to apply for some scholarships depending on your major/program by simply being accepted to one of our FLPs. Below are some scholarships we recommend you look into if you seek funding for your FLP.

Note: Not all the suggested scholarships are currently open for applications and have varying application dates.

SJSU Study Abroad Scholarships

Students are encouraged to seek scholarship opportunities directly with their college to see if there is available funding for participating in a faculty-led program. Examples include...

Please note: Most, but not all, of the above scholarships have applications that open every year during the Spring semesters.

3rd-party Study Abroad Scholarships

By looking around online, students can find lots of potential 3rd-party scholarships that could potentially apply to study abroad students. Most of the advertised scholarships are reputable and highly recognized but because this list includes various 3rd-party providers, exercise caution when researching and applying for scholarships as they are not affiliated with, managed by or run by Study Abroad and Away and San Jose State University. Some of them are listed below:


Online Scholarship Search Engines

Students are also encouraged to use the internet as a tool to search for available scholarships. Exercise caution when researching and applying for 3rd-party scholarships as they are not affiliated with, managed by or run byStudy Abroad and Away and San Jose State University. Below are a few search engines to help you begin your search...