Australia: Comparative Criminology

Australia: Brisbane, Comparison of Justice Ideas and Issues

June 16 - July 6  

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Monday, Sept.28
MH 526

Wednesday, Oct.28
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Monday, Nov.16
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* This program has been canceled and is no longer accepting applications.

Australia refers to both the continent of Australia and to the Commonwealth of Australia, the sovereign country. Australia, the world's smallest continent, is in the Southern Hemisphere and borders both the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Australia began as a penal colony and is a perfect place to examine the history of custodial sanctions and social control. It is also the birthplace of many restorative justice alternatives such as re-integrative shaming and family conferencing. Through the program, students will develop an understanding of comparative criminology and criminal justice in two common law countries.

The program will operate in Brisbane, one of Australia's original penal colonies. The colonial and penal history of Australia will be explored through visits to an original penal colony (on an island just off the coast of Brisbane), a 19th century prison no longer in use (where tours are provided by formers inmates and guards), and a fully functioning modern correctional facility that currently houses adults and juveniles. Students will also conduct a courtroom observation at the magistrate's court and the superior court to compare those experiences with their knowledge of the justice system in the United States.








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