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Danielle Arlanda Harris

Professor: Danielle Harris

Professor Harris has lived in the United States for almost 15 years, but she was born and raised in Brisbane. She loves to travel, and have visited more than 20 countries, but Australia is very much her home. She was always very aware of her nation’s convict past and she is sure it influenced her decision to pursue a degree in criminology. As a child, she was fascinated by the history of the first fleet bringing convicts and free settlers to Australia's shores, and that the country developed from a penal colony. As a young adult, during her undergraduate degree at the Queensland University of Technology, she was interested in all aspects of the criminal justice system – she visited many prisons, she worked at various law firms, she volunteered as a community corrections officer, and she worked as a research assistant on a statewide commission of inquiry into child abuse.  

She has maintained strong ties with her beautiful home town and has some great connections in the criminal justice system there. She is excited to share her love of the country and her knowledge and experience of comparative criminology with students who will join her on the FLP to Brisbane. There will be a visit to two working correctional facilities, a notorious prison that is now a tourist attraction, and a historical tour of one of Australia’s first island penal colonies in Moreton Bay.


Email: danielle.harris@sjsu.edu