Costa Rica: Life a la Tica

Costa Rica


June 4 - June 18

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Decades before environmentalism became a household term in the United States, Costa Rica was taking huge steps towards protecting its natural resources, land and wildlife. This small Central American nation has set aside over 20% of its land as parks or natural sanctuaries. It set a goal of 100% clean energy by 2020, they achieved this 5 years ahead of time, a feat that only Iceland has surpassed.

We will explore Costa Rica, its natural beauty and the laws set forth to protect it. We will also explore how this cultural identity affects the artists who call Costa Rica home.

UCR and la Casa del Artista
Environmental laws, high costs and high taxation on imports have forced artists in Costa Rica to be creative and think outside the box.

Professors from the art department and the chemistry department of the University of Costa Rica, lead by Professor Murillo, have been researching substitutes for acids and petroleum based solvents (using plant extracts and fruit juices that have similar properties to the traditional materials) used in printmaking.

La Casa del Artista
Alejandro Villalobos of the Casa del Artista makes his own presses and inks, creates his etching tools from discarded dental instruments and sets up a print studio completely homemade.


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