Course Detail

OCTH 210ITL Seminar in Occupational Therapy: International Experience (3 units)

Students will develop knowledge and skills in a selected practice area. The overall goal for the course is to gain cross-cultural and cross-national insight into the political, social, cultural and economic factors that influence the provision of occupational therapy/nursing/social work services outside of the U.S. and define the role of occupational therapy/nursing/social work within the system of care. Social justice issues are explored, and the role of the student as a global citizen is emphasized.

Participants will be able to select the topic area they will experience while in Finland. Decisions regarding which area the participant selects will be collected by the program leaders in the Spring semester. For additional information on the focus areas, please contact the program leaders directly.

Week 1: Sexual health promotion OR Nature and Well-being
Week 2: Digital expertise in social and health care OR Empowering creativity