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Germany: Strategic Leadership in Germany



July 15 - July 28  

Program Description

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Learn strategic management and earn 3 units of Bus3 189. Guest speakers from our partner university, Ingolstadt Technical University (THI), will provide introductory seminars to different segments of automotive engineering (for engineers and non-engineers). Additionally, leading German or German-based companies, such as Audi and Airbus Defense will provide onsite tours and discussions concerning relevant business and engineering approaches in their respective companies and industries.

* Prerequisites: Senior status (90+ units); passed WST and 100W

* All coursework will be in English.

* Pre-departure courses required, so that students have more time to take THI courses and enjoy the local activities.

Based in the gorgeous, centuries old college town of Ingolstadt (45 minutes from Munich), excursions include:

  • Factory tours of Audi and Airbus Defense
  • Field trips to museums (e.g., BMW, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Airbus Defense)
  • Guided city tours (e.g., Ingolstadt and Munich)
  • Cultural activities (e.g., welcome dinner, city tours, brewery tour, farewell dinner, and leisure activities)
  • Professional and social networking and opportunities with other international students (THI seminars, all field trips and excursions, cultural activities, and leisure activities)
  • Optional travel throughout Europe before and after the program


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