Course Detail

MCOM 180ITL JMC International Experience (6 units)

Study abroad in two dynamic countries: Greece and Italy. This course offers multiple themes for study and analysis, including business, tourism, social work, economy, and immigration. Students who choose to focus on immigration will have a rare opportunity to tell immigrants' personal stories of struggle and fortitude. The crashing wave of refugees washing ashore on the coasts of Greece and Italy are changing the face of Europe. Many migrants have arrived in these countries, which are ill prepared financially to care for them. How is their presence affecting the economies and social structures of these two countries? You will speak directly to refugees, those still living in camps and those who are settled in their new homes.

This course is especially important for students of journalism, tourism, global studies, business and social work. Students may produce either multimedia news reports or research papers.

This is a 6-unit course designed for any upper division undergraduate or graduate student at SJSU (or anyone registering through Open University) including other educational institutions, who desires to learn more about global citizenship and leadership—particularly in communications and journalism. This course includes both pre- and post-trip assignments.