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Diane Guerrazzi

Program Leader: Diane Guerrazzi

Diane Guerrazzi has 30 years of experience as a television news reporter, with major interest in all things international. She taken SJSU students twice to the Middle East, making an award-winning documentary about Oman and the UAE. Prof. Guerrazzi has organized journalism academies in Turkey, India, and the UAE, while directing two partnerships between SJSU and universities in Afghanistan, on grants from the US State Department. Last summer, she and Prof. Halima Kazem led SJSU students to Greece and Germany, and this coming summer she is delighted to add Italy. She speaks Italian and spent two full years studying at the University of Padua (undergraduate) and University of Pisa (graduate school). She wrote her master's thesis about L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, and she has a bachelor's degree in Italian and political science (double major). She has led a group of students on a six-week stay in Italy with the Experiment in International Living, spending much of the time in Sicily, a beautiful island that the group will explore this summer.


Email: diane.guerrazzi@sjsu.edu


Halima Kazem Program Leader: Halima Kazem 

Halima Kazem-Stojanovic is an investigative journalist and a journalism professor at San Jose State University. She writes about human rights and social justice issues in the United States and abroad. Halima has been a journalist for 18 years and spent almost a decade reporting on the war and rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan. Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, the San Francisco Chronicle, Al Jazeera America and the Christian Science Monitor. Halima's reporting assignments and her love for traveling have led her to New Zealand, Serbia, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Uzbekistan, India, Dubai, Greece, Germany and many more countries. She started her career as a television news writer and field producer in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked as an associate producer of news documentaries at MSNBC News. Halima is the recipient of a 2002 Scripps-Howard for journalistic excellence, a published children's book author and the co-producer of a documentary chronicling the campaign of the first female presidential candidate in Afghanistan.


Email: halima.kazem@sjsu.edu