Grenada: Health Partnerships in Action

Grenada: Global Service Learning in Nursing

This program is closed and will not be accepting applications for Round 2. 

June 8 - June 26

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Global service learning in nursing provides an opportunity for students to develop a sense of civic responsibility, acquire cultural competence, and experience practice based skills within a cultural context. This aligns well with the mission statement for San Jose State University to provide “multi-cultural and global perspectives gained through intellectual and social exchange with people of diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds”. Based on an extensive literature review, McKinnon and Fealy (2011) developed a framework for program development of global service learning in nursing. This framework includes the Seven Cs of global service learning: compassion, curiosity, courage, collaboration, creativity, competence, and capacity building. This will provide the theoretical framework for the Grenada Summer 2017 program.

As noted by Bentley and Allison (2007), in service learning, “students and the local community members are teachers and learners together” (p.208). International clinical immersion experiences allow students to develop shared meanings of health and health care within a cultural context (Bentley and Allison, 2007).

The program goals are to develop an ongoing partnership between the university (students and faculty) and the local global community based on the community’s assessed needs, and determine the capacity for health care goals to be achieved by the local community after the university program leaves the local setting.


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