Student Testimonials

Here are some thoughts that former participants wanted to share about going on the Grenada FLP!

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Quotation MarkOne of my classmates put it so well when she said, 'You can read about other cultures, see movies about other cultures, but you're not truly experiencing another culture. Not until you leave the comfort and familiarity of your own culture and immerse yourself in another, can you begin to understand another culture.' Quotation Mark- Lisa

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QuotationGoing to Grenada was the best choice I have ever made. I never thought I would enjoy being far away from home so much. Coming back to California, I realized that I left my heart there. My family and friends said that I have changed. I feel more humble, motivating, understanding, and compassionate, and it is because of Grenada. I hope to come back one day and see the good friends that I have met there.QuotationChi

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Quotation MarkIt was beyond what I expected. Every aspect of the program was a learning experience. I was able to learn and also teach. The faculty leaders were very helpful and made the experience into a wonderful learning experience, I ready learned what it means to be a global citizen.Quotation Mark- Hawa

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QuotationDr. Tamara McKinnon's passion for global community health was evident in every aspect of the experience. From her vast knowledge, her abilities to work in partnership with community members and her quest to further the students' experience of community health on a global level, Dr. McKinnon's commitment to her students and the program is unwavering. Debbie Nelson likewise contributed to the success of the program with attention to detail and working cooperatively with Dr. McKinnon to ensure that while the unexpected can occur, flexibility, a positive outlook and a drive to serve the community population on the global level is demonstrated through actions, and curriculum to the students.Quotation- Maureen