Malta: Occupational Therapy and Mediterranean Daily Life

Malta: Health Care in the European Union

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June 7 - June 23

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Malta is situated in the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa - a location that cultivated a rich cultural history dating back thousands of years. Through lecture and activities, as well as numerous site visits, students will learn how history has shaped the current Maltese culture, as well as how the now independent nation of Malta is addressing modern geopolitical realities. Cultural excursions include experiencing many activities of Maltese daily life as visits to numerous UNESCO Heritage sites.

This course provides opportunities to gain an international perspective on healthcare, especially occupational therapy practice, within the Maltese cultural context. Current issues that especially affect Malta, given its limited size and resources, include the provision of expanding health care needs, environmental protection, and the social responsibility of the rising immigration of refugees. As occupational therapy has roots in both medical and social perspectives, there are tremendous opportunities as well as challenges for the profession to “make a difference” in Malta. Through interaction with Maltese occupational therapy practitioners and students,  as well as observation of practice settings, students will return home with not only a greater awareness of cultural influences but also with a new found appreciation and understanding of how this learning may affect their future practice as occupational therapists.

Professional site visits include several hospitals and community clinics serving pediatric, adult and geriatric clients with physical, developmental or mental health needs. In addition, a site visit is tentatively planned to one of the refugee centers with possible opportunities for volunteer services focused on the occupational needs of refugees. 

Where else can you.....

1. Eat lunch outside of one of the oldest Library collections in Europe? 

2. Engage in a school based OT activity in a foreign country?

3. Participate in an authentic village feast?

4. Enjoy a different flavor of Gelato every day?

5. Dance and sing with OT Students from another country?

6. Have a floating class meeting?

7. View the sites through a fence of prickly pear?

8. Play in a pediatric multi sensory room?

9. Watch a local glass artisan?

10. Cruise the Grand Harbor with a local guide?

11. Snorkel in cave lined clear water?

12. Find a horse drawn taxi?

13. Explore catacombs & temples?


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