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Faculty RwandaProgram Leader: Karin Jeffery

Karin Jeffery, Ph.D., worked for several years in high-tech, then transitioned into fitness, working as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. She also spent over 15 years with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program, coaching for their cycling, mountain bike, duathlon, and triathlon teams. In 2006, wanting to learn more about coaching, she entered SJSU's Kinesiology graduate program with a Sport Psychology emphasis. She also began teaching KIN 69 (Stress Management). In 2010 she moved to Tallahassee, Florida to earn her doctorate in Sport Psychology at Florida State University.

Karin returned to SJSU in 2015, and is now teaching KIN 69 (Stress Management - A Multidisciplinary Approach), KIN/HS 169 (Diversity, Stress, and Health), KIN 175 (Measurement and Evalulation in Kinesiology), and KIN 185 (Senior Seminar). She also enjoys supervising students in KIN 180 (Independent Study).

Karin is honored to serve as faculty adviser, along with Dr. Gong Chen, to the Kinesiology Ambassador's Club (KAC). She is also a proud member of the Iron Spartans, SJSU's Power and Olympic Lifting Team. She has previously served as faculty adviser to the ZXE fraternity, and was also the very first faculty adviser to the SJSU Quidditch Club.


Email: karin.jeffery@sjsu.edu