Slovenia: Global Business, European Perspectives

Slovenia: Management, Marketing, and Macroeconomics


July 2 - July 20

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Ljubljana International Summer School - an affordable and "best value" FLP - allows you to "take the best from East and West" by completing three units of summer coursework in the vibrant youth-oriented capital of Slovenia, located in Central Europe between Venice and Vienna.

Courses are built around management, marketing, and macroeconomics, and are taught in English by an international, interdisciplinary faculty. Journeying to Slovenia, you will have a chance to explore eastern and western Europe, make lifelong friends, and bolster the international experience on your resume for a globally competitive marketplace. Last year over 450 students from 46 countries lived, studied and traveled together -- providing for a rich intercultural learning experience.

You can:

  • Climb the Julian Alps
  • Ride the rapids of the Emerald River
  • Take a bike tour of Ljubljana (voted Europe's green capital of 2016)

...and so much more!!


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