South Korea: Exploring the Land of the Morning Calm

South Korea: Exploring the Land of the Morning Calm


June 13 - June 27

Program Description

Information Session
Info sessions for this program:

Tuesday, Dec.5
SPX 111

Wednesday, Dec.6
SPX 111

Thursday, Dec.7
SPX 111

Monday, Dec.11
SPX 111

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South Korea is a small country located in East Asia but it is famous for an unprecedented economic growth, modern information technologies, and K-Pops (Korean Pop). The Faculty-Led Program to South Korea provides unique cultural and social experiences for SJSU students to travel to cities and historical sites in South Korea. SJSU students will have the opportunity to gain "Hands-on experiences" in terms of understanding human motor development and the Korean traditional martial art-Taekwondo based on culturally and socially different perspective.

This program aims to:

  • Gain an international perspective on lifespan motor development, especially childhood motor development and skill acquisition within the different cultural and social context
  • Learn and practice Taekwondo (The Korean Martial Art) with abundant resources and experiences in South Korea

As a part of this FLP, our trip will include:

  • Tours of 3 cities; Seoul (the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea), Busan (the second most-populous city of South Korea), and Ulsan (the industrial powerhouse of South Korea)
  • A visit to Taekwondowon, the world's first and the largest taekwondo-themed museum and Kukkiwon, the world taekwondo headquarters
  • A trip to Gyeongju Historic Area, one of the most important historical zones of South Korea and a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • The opportunity to experience the sporting culture of South Korea, such as attending a professional soccer and baseball match or Taekwondo competition.
  • Cultural and social activities such as welcome and farewell dinner, boat tours, and leisure activities (hiking, kayaking)

This program satisfies the Motor Development (KIN 165) course and Beginning Taekwondo (KIN 54A) in the Kinesiology degree program. The same itinerary will be shared for these two courses.


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