Canada: Native Knowledge: Sustainability & Indigenous Peoples

Canada: Native Knowledge


March 29 - April 4, 2019  

Program Description 

Learn how the First Nations Aboriginal peoples have lived off the land for many centuries. Through a complex and deep understanding of nature, the indigenous peoples are able to develop generations upon generations of intricate ecological practices. Understand how aquaculture (e.g. salmon farms, oyster leases, etc.), one of Canada's key industries, impacts the local community, economy, and environment. Additionally, learn about the difficult history of the treatment of First Nations Aboriginal peoples of Western Canada, including the history and ongoing impact of Indian Residential Schools.

Located in the gorgeous and cosmopolitan coastal city of Vancouver, excursions include:

  • an ocean boat tour along beautiful fjords to a salmon farm at the Sechelt Inlet
  • a light walk along the north shore of Whyte Lake, while a member of the Coast Salish peoples shares the rich stories and the ancient lore of this magnificent area
  • self-guided tour of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, which houses one of the world's finest displays of Northwest Coast First Nations art, including traditional dwellings and totem poles or guided walking tour of one of the world's most sustainable neighborhoods, the Olympic Village of Vancouver
  • guided walking building tour of one of the world's most sustainable campuses, the University of British Columbia


The program leader is a Native American business faculty member, and advisor for the SJSU Interdisciplinary Global Leadership and Innovation minor.  She teaches in the School of Management and the Global Leadership and Innovation Department, which will add additional value to student learning.


BUS5 196 Doing Business in Canada (1 unit)

"Doing Business in Canada" course fulfills the ‘international experience’ requirement for the International Business concentration, as well as other non-business majors. This course also fulfills an elective requirement for many concentrations in the Lucas College of Business.

While the courses will address all their respective SJSU College of Business curriculum requirements, there will be an additional emphasis on conducting sustainable business in Canada. Guest speakers from local organizations, such as First Nations peoples and a corporate-owned Salmon Farm, will provide onsite tours and discussions concerning relevant sustainable business approaches in Canadian organizations and from an indigenous peoplesperspective.

Please note there will be required pre-departure orientation and ice-breaker meeting in January 2019, immediately before the Spring 2019 semester. More details will be announced by the program leader. The course must be taken for credit.




Program Leader: Rolanda P. Farrington Pollard, Ph.D.

Dr. Pollard is currently a lecturer in the Lucas Graduate and School of Business teaching in the Global Leadership & Innovation department and the School of Management at San José State University. She has consulted with for-profit and not-for-profit firms in the Silicon Valley for 17 years.  She is also a member of the Wampanoag (Aquinnah) tribe of Massachusetts, with unique insights into First People’s history, politics and worldviews.  She hopes to share this knowledge and experience with you and together learn about the history and traditions of the Indigenous peoples of Western Canada, as well as sustainable business practices of the region.





It is important to note that each program's total cost will vary depending on the location and the package it offers.  

$250 SJSU Special Session Tuition ($250 per unit)
$200 Administrative Fee 
$1,515 Program fees, lodging, class materials and class related tours approximately*
$1,965 Total Program Cost


* Airfare and meals are not included. 


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