Course Detail

NUFS 144 Food and Culture: Consuming Passions (Area V) (3 units)

Cultural aspects of food as related to regional, ethnic, and religious influences. Issue-based examination of the effects of food behavior on culture, society, health, and economics.

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Gain an appreciation for current beliefs and debates about cultural food habits within the larger framework of how different cultures, historically and geographically, express themselves and responded to environmental changes.
  • Create awareness and to develop an appreciation and understanding for how cultural traditions have influenced culture and society.
  • Interpret food as symbols, examine the historical impact of events on different cultures, and develop an appreciation for food as a transmission of culture.
  • Systematically compare and contrast the beliefs, values, and stances of different cultures with particular attention to their attitudes toward food and the impact those beliefs have had on American culture.


Completion of core GE, upper division standing (56 units), and passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST).



All prerequisites must be completed prior to course registration.