Finland: Where the Sun Never Sets

Finland: COMM


June 1 - June 26


Program Description

Information Session

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Students will attend an international program at Jyväskylän Ammattikorkeakoulu (JAMK University of Applied Sciences). "Creativity and Communication in Business" is a JAMK program designed to give students a global perspective on business and communication. The program aims to provide numerous networking opportunities with various students from Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and the United States taking classes together in Finland.

In the summer months, Finland experiences 22-24 hours of daylight. Also, a majority of the people in Finland speak Finnish, Swedish, and English. Both of these elements help our students feel more comfortable while they navigate their way around a new country.

Cultural activities include:

  • sauna nights
  • the Midsummer Finnish celebration
  • soccer games
  • BBQs
  • hikes through beautiful forests
  • kayaking
  • stand up paddle boarding
  • boat tours of pristine lakes
  • and other guided tours through historic towns.

Additionally, participants will take part in two exciting excursions to Stockholm, Sweden and St. Petersburg, Russia. Mix with students from around the world and explore three amazing countries!! 


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