The Netherlands: Let's Go Dutch!



Summer 2018


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Join 3,500 students from 120 different countries for summer school at the Utrecht University - one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands!

Utrecht is an incredibly green city where you can get around by affordable public transportation or (like most Dutch students) on your bike! The city is a smaller more affordable version of Amsterdam, lined with canals, loads of students (there are three major universities in Utrecht), and oozing with history and culture. If you cannot keep busy in Utrecht, zip up to Amsterdam on a 30 minute train trip. The Netherlands (Holland) is located nicely in Europe to allow for lots of exploration in your free time. But of course, if you want to stay in Utrecht for the weekends you can always go on a cycling tour of the city, night canoeing in the canals, or on an excursion to Delft or the Hague.

Meet new friends, learn about stroopwafel , windmills, cheese, bikes, and more!


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