South Bay Conference on Gender

South Bay Conference on Gender: Gender & Video Games with a drawing of a game controller and a laptop

The 4th South Bay Conference on Gender

(previously The South Bay Women's Conference)

Gender & Video Games

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April 8th, 2017


The San José State University Gender Equity Center is proud to present the 4th South Bay Conference on Gender: Gender & Video Games (GenVidCon), on Saturday April 8th. GenVidCon seeks to explore the intersections of gender and gaming through analysis of video games, the video game industry, and the gaming community. The conference will also create an opportunity for dialogue between those entering the profession and currently working in the field, as well as explore ways in which individuals with diverse backgrounds can become involved with the industry.


Early bird registration will be available in February for general admission and student discount tickets. For more information, visit

This event is open to all college students and community members of all genders (eg. male, female, transgender, etc).


About the South Bay Conference on Gender

The South Bay Conference on Gender, previously the South Bay Women’s Conference, creates an environment that promotes learning, expression, and education. By focusing on local women’s intersections, and commonalities, the SBCG hopes to unite individuals of all ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicity’s, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This event is wheelchair accessible and we strongly encourage those with mobility, visual, or hearing impairment to email for any accommodations.