Gary Pereira

Assistant Professor 


Ph.D. (Geography), Minnesota, 2002
Geocomputation, GIScience and Simulation, Remote Sensing, Physical Geography, Human-Environment Studies
(408) 924-5460

Fall 2015 Office Hours:
Thursdays, 3:00-4:15pm & 9:15-10:00pm

Fall 2015 Syllabi:

GEOG121-01: Population & Global Change
GEOG130-01: Natural Resources
GEOG170-01: Intro. to Mapping & GIS

Spring 2015 Syllabi:

GEOG001-01: Geography of Natural Environments
GEOG001-02: Geography of Natural Environments
GEOG181: Remote Sensing: Basic Theory
GEOG 239-01: Seminar: Geographic Information Technology