Plan A (with Thesis)

Satellite Image of Italy
Satellite Image
of Italy—NASA

Course Work

Minimum of eighteen units in geography.

  • Geog 290 (3 units)
  • Geography seminars (2) (6 units). Selected from Geog239, Geog 279, Geog 282 and Geog 286.
  • Geog 299 (6 units)
  • Electives (15 units). 100 or 200 level courses in geography or related fields selected with advisor's approval.


The thesis, based on original research, is to be conducted under the direction of a thesis advisor. The thesis must be acceptable to and approved by the thesis committee consisting of the thesis advisor (committee chair), an additional member from the university graduate faculty, and a third member selected in consultation with the thesis advisor. In addition, the thesis must conform to the University standards of style and form.


The thesis will be presented to faculty and students a department colloquium.