Plan B (without Thesis)

Lake Mead satellite image
Satellite Image
of Lake Mead

Course Work

Minimum of twenty-one units in geography.

  • Geog 290
  • Geography Seminars (3). Selected from Geog 239, Geog 279, Geog 282, and Geog 286
  • Electives: 100 or 200 level courses in geography or related fields selected with advisor's approval.


The final written comprehensive examination covering the fundamentals of geography and the candidate's primary area or field of study must be satisfactory. This normally consists of three separate examinations.


The student shall present the results of a project in one of the area's of departmental focus. Appropriate projects include research completed for a Geography graduate seminar or an independent study conducted under supervision of a faculty advisor. The results will be reported in a written paper and other materials submitted to the Department, and will be presented formally to a Geography faculty and student colloquium for acceptance.