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The Department of Geography offers a range of courses on geography and geographic information science.  Our lower division courses introduce both majors and non-majors to a variety of subjects in geography. Thematic courses address specific topics, such as Urban Geography.  Regional courses examine the various physical and human characteristics of different places around the world.  Geographic Information Systems introduce basic mapping and GIS concepts and analysis.  Others deal with more advanced topics, such as cartographic presentation and animation, geographic databases, scripting, and analysis.  Students also have the opportunity to experience geography in the world through field courses.  The Master of Arts in Geography focuses on Geographic Information Science, offering both research seminars and advanced courses.

Geography of Natural Environments (GEOG 001), General Education Area B1

Cultural Geography (GEOG 010), General Education Area D1

Global Geography (GEOG 12), General Education Area D2

Writing Workshop (GEOG 100W), SJSU Studies Area Z

Urban Geography (GEOG 105)

Mapping the World (GEOG 107)

Urbanization in the Global South (GEOG 110)

Nations, Cultures, and Territorial Disputes (GEOG 112), SJSU Studies Area V

Geography of the Global Economy (GEOG 115)

Food Supply and Agricultural Systems (GEOG 120)

Population and Global Change (GEOG 121)

Geography for K-12 Teachers (GEOG 123)

Topics in Physical Geography (GEOG 124)

Selected Topics in Human Geography (GEOG 125)

Natural Resources (GEOG 130)

Creating Built Worlds (GEOG 132)

Qualitative Methods in Geographical Research (GEOG 135)

California in Historical and Social Scientific Perspectives (GEOG 137)
United States in Historical and Social Science Perspectives (GEOG 138)

The World in Historical and Social Science Perspectives (GEOG 139)

The United States (GEOG 140)

California (GEOG 145)

Latin America and the Caribbean (GEOG 150)

Europe (GEOG 155)

East and South Asia (GEOG 160)

National Parks (GEOG 165)

Sub-Saharan Africa (GEOG 168)

Introduction to Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 170)

Map and GIS Analysis (GEOG 171)

Cartography: Compilation and Presentation (GEOG 172)

Cartography: Dynamic and Interactive Mapping (GEOG 173)

Geographic Information Systems: Project Development (GEOG 175)

Geographic Information Systems Project (GEOG 178)

Individual Studies (GEOG 180)

Remote Sensing: Basic Theory and Image Interpretation (GEOG 181)

Remote Sensing: Digital Analysis (GEOG 182)

Field Study in Physical Geography (GEOG 186)

Field Study in Human and Historical Geography (GEOG 187)

Spatial Analysis (GEOG 195)

Geography Internship (GEOG 197)

Senior Seminar (GEOG 199)

Geographic Information Technology (GEOG 239)

Geographic Information Science Applications (GEOG 279)

Advanced Geographic Techniques (GEOG 282)

Geographic Information Systems: Project Management (GEOG 286)

Seminar in Research Design for Geographic Information Science (GEOG 290)

Special Study (GEOG 298)

Master's Thesis or Project (GEOG 299)